KIMA & PARTNERS Firm is a provider of advisory and legal services in the Cameroon maritime industry.

The maritime and shipping industry is one of the pillars of the Cameroon economy and those desiring to be players in this very lucrative industry need expert professional advisory and legal services in the following aspects;

The maritime industry in Cameroon is a specialist industry and as such, clients and major players in the industry seek for only expert knowledge.

The attorneys at KIMA & PARTNERS Firm provide the following services to clients and players in the maritime industry of Cameroon;

  • Consultation
  • Advisory services
  • Draft of maritime related contracts
  • Represent clients in maritime related disputes and litigation processes
  • Register maritime related corporate entities
  • Arrest and release of vessels;
  • Register vessels etc.

The scope of our practice in the maritime law sector can be illustrated in our blog .

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