Managing your capital today will define your competitive position tomorrow. We help you make more informed decisions about managing capital and transactions in a strategic manner.

KP advisory consultants advise on strategies and methods to raise, invest, optimize and preserve capital. We bring together transaction professionals to evaluate your capital agenda.

 We are interested in making you deliver value to your stake holders and meet your strategic corporate objectives.


Today corporate development officers play a vital role in developing strategy and growth initiatives. They assist Board of Directors by providing strategic advice, actively managing portfolio, pursuing acquisitions to transform their market position.

KP consultants have as priority to provide you with the necessary intelligence and experience you need to address your challenges, blend it with innovative answers and meet the latest regulatory and tax requirements for deals and transactions.


Divestment is fundamental to the business strategy of leading companies. The sale of assets is pivotal to raise capital which can be used to strengthen their core businesses and reinvest in high growth areas. Middle-market businesses and private equity firms also sell entire companies to monetize their investment.

      KP consultants help clients realise value for their assets. We also help clients reach their strategic goals, evaluate divestiture risks and rewards, and prepare them to execute the transaction.

   Our services include;

  • Portfolio management
  • Negotiation and Execution

Optimization of the remaining business.


How we work with clients


Different professional skills and services are required to realise each restructuring scenario. We help you evaluate your corporate restructuring plan, improve your transactions and achieve your strategic goals.

     KP helps companies and investors within the OHADA region to improve their total expected return in times of uncertainty and deteriorating performance and growth. We support you in allocating capital and investment; evaluate your business plans objectively through professional advice.

     We also devise strategies to negotiate with stake holders and comply with insolvency and other requirements.


We help clients understand the challenges they face throughout the real estate life cycle. Our team puts together an approach, rich in experience and market insights covering all property types that can help clients achieve their potential in real estate assets, portfolios or companies.

Our clients include owners, operators, developers, managers, financial institutions/lenders, corporations, colleges/universities and public sector/government. Our services span through;

  • Valuation: including purchase price allocation of real property or portfolios for purposes of financial or tax reporting.
  • Capital Markets: including capital strategy/brokerage property and real estate entity brokerage, raising equity capital.

Transaction Due Diligence: including lender diligence, real estate Mergers and Acquisition diligence, real estate diligence.



Our dedicated team helps our clients through professional advice in all operations they are engaged in throughout the transaction life cycle, as we support both buyers and sellers.

We cover a wide range of operational aspects including;

  • Operational due diligence
  • Synergy assessment and delivery
  • Supporting the integration process.
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