Kima & Partners is a pre-eminent Legal and Corporate firm in Cameroon, providing a wide range of legal services in the following practice areas;


Kima & Partners have allocated at the centre of all business and financial transactions in Cameroon, Lawyers of vast experience. Our lawyers manage transactions in all forms of industry and companies.

We provide expert advice on corporate issues which span from the creation of a company to its entire life and eventually its end. We also manage all forms of transaction which ensue from the functioning of companies.

We also provide expert advice for transactions like mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, joint-venture, compliance, due diligence, liquidation, receiverships etc as well as subsidiaries of companies.


KP helps in the representation of both borrowers and lenders in asset-backed and mortgaged-backed financing. Our attorneys represent investor and credit enhancement providers in all aspects of securitisation.

We develop innovative approaches for new local financing structures per the OHADA law.


KP is actively involved in the Cameroon Energy and Natural Resources sector. We advise on all aspects of the law concerning Oil & Gas, Power etc.


KP is a firm which is involved in resolving disputes of any kind through litigation and arbitration relating to commercial transactions, consumers, corporate banking, intellectual property, building and construction, general contracts, international trade transactions, maritime claims, employment, criminal law, matrimonial causes, probate issues, land law and all other aspects of the Cameroon legal practice.

However, we promote alternative dispute resolution. We also handle disputes before courts, public agencies and arbitration tribunals across the nation and through affiliations with foreign counsel, throughout Africa.


We offer general intellectual property advice and assistance to multi-national corporations that invest, sell or distribute in Cameroon in particular and Africa in general.

We help facilitate Trademark and Patent registrations under the African Intellectual Property Organisation (OAPI), with its headquarters in Yaoundé.

KP believes that a company’s ideas and products are valuable assets which give the company a competitive advantage it deserves amongst other market players.

We also advise on Trademarks, Copyrights, License, Trade Names, Trade Secrets and Litigation.


We provide complete advisory services for Multinational international companies on business formation, operation, and dissolution/liquidation of companies and other business organisations.

We also provide complete advisory services on the acquisition of interest, assets and property, all compliance and regulatory issues, immigration law, tax, acquisition of pioneer status and government incentives.

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