The dynamic nature of world business has proven that high performing companies know the thin line between confidence and success. There has and will always be on the road to success the huge task of complying with complex regulatory requirements and stake holder demands.
We help you meet these ever-increasing challenges by providing transparent information for your investors and stake holders.


We help you to mount projects for communities, especially in the less developed countries in Africa and particularly Cameroon. We help you meet the various stakeholders involved, get the necessary authorisations and launch the project.
KP has as objective to join hands with you in a bid to alleviate poverty in Africa, fight against deadly disease, sensitize the uneducated and educate the poor and needy. This drive enable us to work with you, especially Non Profit and Non Governmental Organisations to realise such a venture.


Our sustainable development services are embedded across all services and Industries.
KP consultants assist you to assemble the team to guide you to formulate investment policies which are innovative and environmentally friendly.


Our dedicated audit team can help you build trust and confidence. We adapt our audit services to fit your unique needs, by providing exceptional quality service to all our clients, whatever position you may be in the market.
We provide the right team to address the most complex issues, using proven global methodology and deploying the latest, high quality auditing tools and perspectives.
We are committed to serving public companies, private companies and family businesses, as well as companies poised for an initial public offer.
Our major objective is to make our quality audit services become a voice for strategic analysis in your business.

Is compliance only about prevention?


Compliance is equally navigating opportunities. It offers an opportunity to consistently strengthen your organisation through strategic, proactive measures such as best practices, employee training, internal controls and benchmarking appropriate for your industry and size.
KP assurance specialist provides a wide range of solutions for you to explore. Whatever sector or region you operate in, we offer both local, in-depth, on the ground knowledge.
We can help you assess your risks, and through strategic bench-marking, help put you in the competitive position you so desire.
We also provide you with the latest regulation for players entering a new market or industry. This is to enable you make the right choice for your investment and the right strategic decision.


Building and maintaining trust is key to a successful client relationship, though very challenging. What customers, suppliers, employees, governments and society in general expect from business is already changing. This is having an inevitable impact on what information management need to manage the business and to communicate externally.
KP corporate reporting team provides you with the right agenda to respond to these dynamics. We give you insights into current/emerging market practices and innovative solutions which will enable you stay ahead of development and implement new reporting strategies in order to meet the needs of the capital markets, regulators and key stakeholders.


In today’s working world, corporate performance is a fruit of an effective and efficient finance function. There is the challenge of meeting the needs triggered by changing regulations or changes to your corporate structure and how it has affected the finance environment.
KP helps you to solve these challenges and enhance your financial situation in transparent manner towards stakeholders and regulators. There is need to respond rapidly to market opportunities and maintain compliance with accounting and financial reporting changes.
As we understand your difficulties, we are opportune to join you create innovative and sustainable solutions.


Private Equity firms are operating today in an increasingly uncertain environment. After the global economic and financial crisis, we have learned to expect the unexpected.

How do you balance buy – and – sell opportunities and expand into new markets with a continued focus on value creation in existing portfolios, whilst also meeting expanding regulations and risks?

KP can help you in the private equity industry to;

  • Manage risks for opportunities
  • Create value in private equity investments
  • Access to private equity opportunities in emerging markets.


As transactions become more complex and challenging in areas such as debt/equity funding, divestitures, restructuring or even bankruptcy, an organisation is likely to encounter complex accounting and financial reporting challenges.
KP accounting advisory team provides assistance on critical issues that may arise in these situations.


KP has put in place a team of Advocates and Mediators to achieve this mission for companies and Industries in the OHADA region. We help to manage instability in companies and industries, investigate alleged misconduct and measure the financial implications of disputes.

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