How do you shape up unreliable customers into loyal emissaries?


Technological transformation has evolved customer experience and expectations. Technology has become a never ending moving train on which the corporate world must be a passenger. In this fast paced digital world, you need to revolutionize your customer strategy. You need a completely new mode of thinking that puts customer trust at the centre of the entire organisation, enabling you to create customer relationships that build a steadfast loyalty, enhance sustainable profits and technological innovations. Our diverse and qualified team of professional consultants coupled with an enriching understanding of your industry issues will inspire us to ask the vital questions.

We work with you to establish innovative answers to keep you in the competitive advantage position you desire. This we do with transparency, authenticity and integrity. Our goal has always and will always be to build a trustworthy customer relationship that will deliver better outcomes and enhance sustainable growth.

How do we help you stay ahead of competition?

  • Build a solid market strategy for your business
  • Product and Pricing Strategy
  • Marketing across digital and social channels


Many organisations have learned that cyber attacks are just a matter of when. A technology oriented world like what we have today have multiplied the risk of cyber attack, hence the need for cyber security.

KP advisory understands that solving complex industry issues, seizing opportunities to help deliver better results that grow, optimize and protect our client’s business has become part of a better and improving working world.

Our team of consultants assist you to put at the fore necessary questions about the cyber security challenges you face. We join you in co-creating innovative answers and establish concrete solutions that will adapt your organisation to the threats and challenges it faces alongside developing a strategy for your business to anticipate such attacks that may be coming.

We pair with you to deliver long – lasting results from strategy to execution.

How we help;

  • Cyber program management
  • Cyber threat management
  • Data protection and privacy

Can you detect a cyber attack?

Can a winning strategy be considered sufficient?


Strategy in a competitive market becomes inefficient without a proper execution. It is actually the process of execution in connection with the thought that benefits you.

KP advisory believes that a better working world is a very competitive world. A world in which Industries, Businesses and Companies seek to grow, optimize and protect their operations. We work with you to transform thought into execution, to deliver breakthrough innovative strategies, optimize organisation’s capabilities, help drive growth and manage risk.

When we understand your industry, company or business issues, we are opportune to ask the vital questions. We then create innovative answers in order to deliver better outcomes and long-lasting results from strategy to execution.

How we help;

  • Initiate growth and innovation
  • Promote purpose – led transformation
  • Create digital enterprise strategy.


Supply Chain and its operations have become very pivotal to the success of businesses in the world. The restructuring of supply chain and its operation have become fundamental to meet the challenge of improving the performance of businesses and industries. There is the need to strike a balance between the increasing needs for responsiveness against minimising cost and improving cash.

KP advisory believes that a better working world means addressing complex industry issues and opportunities to deliver outcomes that help grow, optimize and protect businesses. We work with you to help you build an effective supply chain network that would boost your performance to support sales growth, reduce risk, enhance quick responsiveness and become cost effective.

We are of the opinion that your supply chain and its operations can be the source for strategic competitive advantage for your industry.

How we help;

  • Manufacturing sector supply chain
  • Energy and Utilities sector operations
  • Service sector operations

How critical is supply chain operations to the success of an industry?

How can complex projects become more sustainable?


Every Industry, Company or Business venture is a project. If such projects are not well managed, the business goal or objective may never be realised. Project management is about making thoughts a reality in a sustainable manner.

KP advisory consultants believe that when projects are better managed, the world works better. So, we work with you to understand your goals and objectives, address pertinent issues and bring to the fore answers to make your projects successful and a reality.

How we help;

  • Prioritize and manage portfolios
  • Mobilise and operate complex projects
  • Assess and improve existing projects.


Human capital is a pillar for the functioning of every organisation. Irrespective of the technological evolution today, humans still propel and direct the operation of industries and businesses. This has further increased the importance of human resource managers.

KP advisory consultants believe that a better working world depends on the capacity of its human capital. We help industries and companies assemble the required personnel to undertake their operations. We also see human capital as an asset capable of giving an enterprise a competitive advantage in an ever-challenging business world.

How we help you;

  • Source the necessary human capital,
  • Establish a sustainable and attractive employment policy to help both enhance the productivity of your personnel and comply with regulations regarding employment,
  • Assess and improve the performance of your working personnel.

Efficient human capital, efficient strategy

How instrumental is strategic advice from an internal audit?


In an ever-changing world, the dynamics of a business environment equally change. Financial engagements are on a constant pendulum that swings according to the direction of change.

KP advisory helps you by providing the necessary knowledge and personnel to help you comply with the law relating to audit under the OHADA region.

We also have an objective to help you build an audit department which will play a vital role in the strategic management of your industry or business.


In an ever-changing world, the human capital of an Industry is of paramount importance. But keeping your workforce productive in a very competitive world is the main contention.

KP advisory consultants have a very dynamic and dedicated team to help you keep your workforce productive in a sustainable manner. Our Health and Safety professionals help Industries and Companies draft safety policy which enhances the welfare of the personnel, in general, to ensure that there is a highly productive and safe working atmosphere. This will maintain stability in your industry, company or business.

How we help;

  • Set up a sustainable safety policy
  • Assess the working conditions of personnel
  • Educate personnel on the rules governing safety at work
  • Set up a safety statement for your business
  • Establish recommendations to improve safety conditions.

Is health part of a working world?

Do investors know all about where to put their money?


Sourcing for opportunities and protecting your interest is fundamental to any investor. In a competitive world, investing has become a very complicated venture. The need for business intelligence advisory service is on the rise, and protecting your position in the market is of extreme importance. To achieve a strong competitive advantage position, these two issues must be taken seriously.

KP advisory consultants have put in place a team to help you situate your opportunities and take advantage of other players in the market. We believe that the key to success in an ever-challenging market is intelligence. We, therefore, help you to assemble the necessary knowledge you need to make the right choice to invest your money.

How we help;

  • Source the necessary knowledge you need to make the right choice,
  • Analyse the strategic advantage of the proposed opportunity to invest,
  • Execute the plan to make your desire a reality.
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