The legal process to register a hotel in Cameroon, Accommodation and Leisure establishment is regulated by the OHADA Business Law and other government regulatory agencies particularly the MOT. To register a hotel in Cameroon, the legal regime for business and the tax regime in Cameroon must be properly analyzed and considered. This is because such investment ventures are first and foremost businesses like any other commercial venture. To register a hotel in Cameroon, the company registration agency must be engaged. This is because a hotel in Cameroon must be registered in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register as well as the other regulatory agencies tasked with the duty to supervise the operation of a Hotel, Accommodation and Leisure establishment in Cameroon.

The registration of a hotel in Cameroon, Accommodation and Leisure establishment in Cameroon, the procurement of prescribed forms in view to acquiring the necessary authorization is imperative.

Hotels in Cameroon are of different types based on many factors to wit;

  • Location (Airport hotel, Resort hotel, Country hotel, City Center hotel)
  • Size (Small hotel, Medium hotel, Large hotel, Major hotel)
  • Target Market (Commercial hotel, Airport hotel, Suite hotel, Residential hotel, Casino hotel, Conventional hotel)
  • Level of service (World class service hotel, Mid-range service hotel, Economy or Limited hotel).

Hotels have a 1-5 star rating;

To register a hotel in Cameroon, or an accommodation and leisure establishment in Cameroon, it is advisable to procure the services of a duly qualified Attorney or a Firm specialized in the sector.


The procedure to register a hotel in Cameroon include;

Step 1: Engage in the Business/Company Registration procedure

This process to register a hotel in Cameroon is dependent on the ownership of the establishment. Hotels, Accommodation and Leisure establishment in Cameroon can be subject to a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, or company form of ownership. Each of these forms of ownership have its distinct mode of registration and tax compliance procedure in Cameroon.

Step 2: Procure an Authorization to Open/Construct/Register a hotel or accommodation and Leisure Establishment in Cameroon

The procurement of this authorization is subject to the provision of certain information and the procurement of the prescribed form. This information includes but not limited to;

  1. The project: this include the denomination, category envisaged, the locations, shareholding, insurance provider, insurance policy etc.
  2. The Architect: names of the architect, domicile or head office, enrollment number in the council of Architects, contacts etc.
  3. The Engineer: name and office address, registration number at the O.N.A.C., contact details etc.
  4. The Promoter:

. Physical Person: names, information of birth, profession, registration number at the S.P.I.H.T, identification details, contact details etc.

. Moral Person: corporate name, Head office, legal form, share capital, tax payer’s card number, certificate of incorporation number etc.

  • Proposed Director: names and information on birth, profession, identification details, residence details, contact details etc.

Step 3: Documents to furnish

Documents to submit include;

  1. A stamped application
  2. Certified copy of identification card, residence permit or statute of the company
  3. A certificate of ownership on the land subject to the construction including the number of the land certificate
  4. A copy of a duly stamped and signed a cadastral plan on the piece of land.
  5. A copy of the construction plan signed by an architect enrolled in O.N.A.C
  6. Descriptive quote/estimate of the construction works etc

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