The laws governing the health industry in Cameroon regulates applications to register a hospital in Cameroon. A hospital is an institution that is built, staffed and equipped for the diagnosis of disease; for treatment, both medical and surgical, of the sick and the injured; and for their housing during this process. The modern hospital also often serves as a center for investigation and for teaching. The notion of a modern hospital has rendered the procedure to register a hospital in Cameroon very complex. Therefore, any person desirous to set up a hospital in Cameroon must know that they will be subject to the strictest of test as regards compliance.

Hospital registration in Cameroon is subject to very strict compliance procedures. This is because its activities touch on the health and well being of citizens. As a consequence, certain requirements must be met in order to get a hospital registered.

The ownership of a hospital can either be a physical person, an association or a company. However, the nature of ownership of a hospital also plays a role with regards to the registration process and the cost of registering a hospital in Cameroon.


In order to register a hospital in Cameroon, the interested person has to furnish certain documents through an attorney to the regulatory agency in charge of the procedure to register a hospital in Cameroon. These documents include but not limited to;

  1. A stamped application
  2. A certified copy of birth certificate or certificate of nationality
  3. Certificate of non-conviction
  4. Certified copy of land certificate or Deed of conveyance or tenancy agreement
  5. Building and site plans signed by a recognized architect who should be member of the Cameroon Oder of Architects
  6. The statute or Bi-Laws or Rules and Regulation of the Association or NGO (If it is an Association or NGO)
  7. Certified copy of Legal Instrument that created the Association or NGO
  8. List of Principal Equipment signed by Applicant etc.

All applications to register a hospital in Cameroon is associated with laboratories and pharmacies. As such, the procedure for the grant of a license to register a health institution, operate a laboratory or pharmacy must also be complied with in accordance with the regulation in force.


 A certified medical practitioner (Doctor) is authorized to set up a Hospital, Clinic or health institution in Cameroon.

A group of doctors are authorized to operate a specialist clinic (Polyclinic). A senior Nurse is authorized to operate a Health Center or Nursing Home.

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