The procedure to register a cooperative society in Cameroon is subject to several instruments. These instruments depend on the objective of the cooperative society. Hence the cost of registering a cooperative society in Cameroon, the requirements for registering a cooperative society in Cameroon and the entire registration process is governed by several instruments and regulations to wit; OHADA Law, COBAC regulation etc. To register a cooperative society in Cameroon, applicants must have specific objectives.

The cooperative may in addition to its members who are the main users thereof, provide services to non-cooperative users within the limits set by the Articles of Association. However, cooperatives shall engage in all activities carried out by humans.

Any cooperative society operating a secondary institution or subsidiary is required to request for a second registration within the prescribed period from the day of the beginning of operations in this subsidiary or secondary institution. This request shall be made within the jurisdiction of operations in the secondary institution or subsidiary.

The operation of certain cooperative societies is subject to other prior authorizations and licensing. An example is a cooperative society engaged in import and export activities.


Before registering a cooperative society in Cameroon, and to ascertain the cost of registering a cooperative society in Cameroon, certain information must be furnished to the attorney in view of successfully registering a cooperative society in Cameroon. This application shall consist of the following to wit;

  • The Name,
  • Where appropriate the Trade name, abbreviation or the brand,
  • The business carried out,
  • The type of cooperative society,
  • The amount of the initial share capital with the amount of cash contribution and possibly the assessment of in-kind or service contribution etc.


The cooperative society registration process shall entail the following;

  • The fulfilment of the conditions for an application
  • Submit two copies of the Articles of Association
  • Submit two copies of the list of members of the management committee or the board of directors of the cooperative
  • Apply for the required prior authorization where the business of the cooperative is regulated etc.

Upon the provision of the complete documents and the payment of the required fee, the cooperative society shall be registered in a special register for cooperatives and a registration number shall be assigned to the particular cooperative society.

No cooperative shall be registered at several registers or at the same register under several numbers. Any cooperative shall enjoy legal personality from the day of its registration in the special register. However, the business shall be subject to rules governing such activity.

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