A woman in accordance with section 13 of the Married Women Property Act 1882 after her marriage shall continue to be liable in respect and to the extent of her separate property for all debts contracted, and all contracts entered into or wrongs committed by her before marriage, including any sums for which she may be liable as a contributory, either before or after she has been placed on the list of contributories, under and by virtue of the acts relating to joint stock companies, and she may be sued for any such debt and for any liability in damages or otherwise under any such contract, or in respect of any such wrong, and all sums recovered against her in respect thereof, or for any costs relating thereto, shall be payable out of her separate property, and as between her and her husband, unless there be any contract between them to the contrary, her separate property shall be deemed to be primarily liable for all such debts, contracts, or wrongs and for all damages or costs recovered in respect thereof: provided always that nothing in the Act shall operate to increase or diminish the liability of any woman married before the commencement of the Act for any such debt, contract, or wrong as aforesaid, except as to any separate property to which she may become entitled by virtue of the Act and to which she would not have been entitled for her separate use under the Acts.

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