Any establishment engaged in the manufacture, wholesale, or wholesale distribution of drugs, wound care products, and articles must be operated by a pharmacist.
Wholesale and wholesale distribution establishments may be incorporated either as a general partnership or as a limited liability company formed between pharmacists.
Manufacturing establishments, in addition to the above provisions, may be incorporated as a limited liability company not containing exclusively
The articles of association of any pharmaceutical company constituted to operate a pharmaceutical establishment, must be filed with the authority responsible for public health and with the Council of the Order of Pharmacists before the operating phase.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 13, authorized public or semi-public establishments may, by their statutes, prepare and distribute attenuated or non-attenuated viruses and, in general, various products of microbial origin, not chemically defined, which may be used in any form for diagnosis, prophylaxis or therapy, as well as allergens.
The opening of the establishments referred to above is subject to the authorization of the authority responsible for Public Health, after the opinion of the Council of the Order of Pharmacists.
If the Council of the Order has not given its opinion within two months, the aforementioned authority may rule.
The opening of a branch is subject to the same rules as the main establishments. The pharmacists in charge of these establishments must practice personally.
The conditions of application of the paragraph above are fixed by the authority responsible for Public Health, in particular about;
(1) The forms and conditions in which applications for the opening of the establishments referred to above are submitted and examined;
(2) The conditions under which the pharmacists in charge of such establishments must be assisted;
(3) The conditions to which the articles of incorporation of the pharmaceutical companies owning such establishments are subject;
(4) The general conditions for the manufacture and wholesale of pharmaceutical products.
Drug warehouses are prohibited

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