A sponsorship contract is the agreement governing the legal relationship between the sponsor and the individual, a team or event organizer being sponsored. In a sponsorship contract, one of the parties undertakes to provide financing or any other support for the sponsored party’s activities or organization; and the other party undertakes to promote the sponsor by presenting it to its network during the mentioned activity or event.

There are different types of sport sponsorship contracts as follows;

– Sponsorship for individual athletes:

 This is sponsorship for an individual athlete. The sponsor usually supports the sponsored party not for an individual activity or organization, but provides financing or any other support for all activities of the athlete. The athlete as a counter performance undertakes to fulfil some communication tasks usually in the case of image transfer such as a jersey advert.

– Sponsorship for a sports organization:

This is a type of event sponsorship. Here the image is transferred to an organization as against an individual athlete. Hence, you find the logo of the sponsor on advertisement, tickets, t-shirt, jerseys etc.

– Sponsorship for sports teams or sports clubs:

This sponsorship contract is between a sports club and a sponsor. This sponsorship contract covers the aspect of financing, providing outfit, clothes, shoes, sports gear and other sports equipment, or undertaking medical services of a sports club etc. the sponsored party promotes the sponsor by wearing the sport equipment which will have the logo or advert of the sponsor during events like press conferences, matches etc.

– Sponsorship for coaches:

This is a type of sponsorship contract in which the sponsor provides sporting equipment such as clothes, shoes, sports gear in exchange for the transfer of the coach’s image. The coach will wear these clothes or use the equipment during the match, press conference or training sessions thereby promoting the sponsor.

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