In accordance with article 18 of the FIFA statutes of October 2020, no club shall enter into a contract which enables the counter club/counter clubs, and vice versa, or any third party to acquire the ability to influence in employment and transfer-related matters its independence, its policies or the performance of its teams. The FIFA Disciplinary Committee may impose sanctions on clubs that do not observe this provision.

Third-Party ownership of players’ economic rights

No club or player shall enter into an agreement with a third party whereby a third party is being entitled to participate, either in full or in part, in compensation payable in relation to the future transfer of a player from one club to another, or is being assigned any rights in relation to a future transfer or transfer compensation.

The above provision comes into force on 1 May 2015.

Agreements covered by the first paragraph which predate 1 may 2015 may continue to be in place until their contractual expiration. Such contracts may not be extended.

The validity of any agreement covered by the above provision signed between 1st January 2015 to 30th April 2015 may not have a contractual duration of more than one year beyond the effective date.

By the end of april 2015, all existing agreements covered by the first paragraph need to be recorded within the Transfer Matching System (TMS). All clubs that have signed such agreements are required to upload them in their entirety, including possible annexes or amendments, in TMS, specifying the details of the third party concerned, the full name of the player as well as the duration of the agreement.

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee may impose disciplinary measures on clubs or players that do not observe the above obligations.

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