Both the sponsor and the sponsored party have rights and obligations to fulfil during the pendency of a sport sponsorship contract in Cameroon. These right and obligations are as follows;

1)     Sponsor

  • Provision of finance and services:

The provision of financing or any other support for the sponsored party’s activities is the main obligation of the sponsor in a sport sponsorship contract. These obligations such as the payment of the sponsorship right fee and other contributions in kind like the provision of certain services to the sponsored party are aspects of the main obligation of the sponsor.

  • Performance of tasks: There is the aspect of the performance obligation of the sponsor, as he is required to provide certain services to ensure the contract is respected. Failure to provide these services and contribution will lead to a breach of the contract.

2)     Sponsored Party

  • Promotion: The sponsored party has as obligation to promote the image, equipment and services of the sponsor.
  • Provide an enabling environment for success: It is the obligation of the sponsored party to ensure that best preparation practices are put in place for the success of the sponsored event and advertisement of the logo, information and services of the sponsor.
  • Duty to Inform: As the most important element in the sport sponsorship contract is the transfer of image, the sponsor should be informed before the sports activity or organization extensively and should be notified of any changes during the activity.

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