The National Order of Physicians, hereinafter also referred to as the Order, instituted by Article 1 of Law N°80-07 of 14 July 1980, includes all doctors practicing in Cameroon.

The Order shall ensure that the principles of morality and dedication essential to the practice of the medical profession are maintained and that the rules laid down in the Code of Ethics are respected.

The Order shall also exercise any functions that may be entrusted to it by this law or by specific texts.

The Order has a legal personality. Its headquarters are located in Yaoundé and it is placed under the supervision of the authority responsible for public health services.

The Order carries out its mission and exercises its powers through the following two bodies:

– The General Assembly;

– The Council.

It shall meet every year in ordinary session upon convocation by its President, and, if necessary, in extraordinary session at the request of either the absolute majority of its members or of the Council of the Order or of the supervisory authority in order to :

– to elect the members of the Council of the Order ;

– to elect six members for the Chamber of Appeal;

– decide on the activity report of the President of the Council of the Order;

– to determine the guidelines likely to ensure the proper functioning of the profession;

– adopt the Code of Ethics of the profession and the internal regulations of the Order.

The General Assembly shall elect the President of the Order and an auditor for a term of three (3) years. They may be re-elected.

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