Without prejudice to the other information obligations laid down by the laws and regulations in force, any person providing services in the field of electronic commerce must ensure that the recipients of such services and the authorities have easy, direct and permanent access to the following minimum information:

– In the case of a natural person, its full name and, in the case of a legal entity, its company name, the address at which it is established, its e-mail address and its telephone number;

– If it is subject to registration formalities in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register, its registration number, its share capital and the address of its registered office;

– If it is subject to value added tax and identified by an individual number in application of Book 1 of the General Tax Code, its taxpayer number;

– If its activity is subject to an authorisation system, the name and address of the authority that issued the authorisation;

– If it is a member of a regulated profession, the reference to the applicable professional rules, its professional title, the name and order of the professional body with which it is registered.

The obligations to provide information and to transmit the contractual conditions referred to in the law shall be fulfilled by electronic means in accordance with procedures specified by regulation.

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