These are other forms of labour engagements which have similar characteristics to a contract of employment in Cameroon but do not constitute the scope of a worker and employer relationship. This is because these forms of labour engagements are exercised in return for remuneration, under specific instructions, but under independent circumstances hence the absence of an employer control on an employee. They are as follows;

  1. Independent Contractor: This is a person who undertakes to do a specific piece of work in return for a fixed price which shall be paid to him after delivery of the job. He is generally required to execute the job independently and through his own initiative either alone or with the assistance of persons and means put in place by him. He is bound only by general directives as to the nature of the finished product. He engages his know how, skill, personal and means on his own responsibility.
  2. Agency: This is a relationship which arises when a person called the principal authorizes another called the agent to do something for him and in his name. Once the principal has given authority to the agent, the latter acts more or less independently and he is not subject to orders in the execution of his agency. Hence no subordination to the principal.
  3. Partnership: A partner is regarded as an agent of the partnership. Where a contract of partnership includes the possibility of participation in profits, it will necessarily exclude the existence of a contract of employment.
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