The licence is issued to any natural or legal person for the purpose of establishing and/or operating a network or providing electronic communications services.

There are two categories of licence:

– The first category licence;

– The second category licence.

The first category licence covers:

– Any support service;

– Radioelectric networks open to the public in one or more localities, with the exception of those referred to in article 25 of this decree;

– Collection and/or distribution networks for the provision of electronic communications services to the public;

– Electronic communications networks open to the public in rural areas;

– Virtual networks open to the public;

– Portability of telephone numbers.

The implementation procedures, as well as the specific conditions applicable to the issuance of licences for the portability of numbers and virtual networks open to the public, as referred to in the paragraph above, shall be laid down by specific texts.

The establishment and/or operation of the following are covered by the second category licence:

– Independent private networks, excluding those subject to simple declaration;

– Temporary networks;

– Experimental networks.


The application for a first category licence, sent to the Agency in seven (07) copies, shall include:

– Proof of payment to the Agency of the application fees set by a particular tee;

– The technical and financial files.

The technical file includes:

– The name or business name and full address of the applicant;

– The legal status of the company, as well as the composition of its capital and the distribution of voting rights;

– The declaration, purpose and characteristics of the services to be offered;

– The purpose and technical characteristics of the network;

– The technical specifications of the equipment;

– The timetable for implementation, specifying in particular the capacity and coverage area year by year;

– Experience acquired in the field of electronic communications, specifying the technical partners in the project and their previous achievements.

The financial file must:

– Indicate the origin and amount of the planned funding, specifying the identities of the main financial backers;

– Contain proof of the company’s financial capacity and a guarantee to finance the project if the licence is granted;

– Specify the nature and level of planned investment; include the company’s business plan.

The application for a second category licence, sent to the agency in seven (07) copies, shall comprise:

■ A form completed and stamped at the current rate in lieu of an application, comprising:

o Information relating to the natural person responsible for the network;

o The name, address and activities of the natural or legal person responsible for the network;

o The declaration, purpose and characteristics of the services to be operated on its private network;

■ The technical characteristics and detailed description of the network and network equipment.

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