The following category of persons in accordance with article 2 of decree No. 2007/255/PM of 4 September 2007 fixing the modalities for the application of law No. 97/012 of 10 January 1997 relative to conditions of entry, stay and exit of foreigners in Cameroon are considered as temporary visitors in Cameroon;

  • Private Visitors: These are foreigners who, having chosen to stay in Cameroon for their pleasure, are hosted either by a member of their family or by a family friend.
  • Tourists: These are persons either of foreign origin who undertake a leisure trip to Cameroon and stay individually or as part of an organized trip or package in an accommodation establishment.
  • Persons on a mission: These are foreigners who come to Cameroon in an official capacity, as part of their professional activities.
  • Business Men: These individuals carry out professional activities for profit on a personal basis.
  • Promoters: These are persons whose professional activity consists in providing services or capital for economic, scientific, cultural, artistic, social or other investments.
  • Invitees or Participants of a manifestation organized on the national territory: These are persons who come to Cameroon with an individual or collective invitation to take part, on a personal basis or as a delegation, in an event of an economic, scientific, technical, artistic, pastoral, cultural or sporting nature.
  • The Renters: These are people of foreign origin who own an annuity or real estate in Cameroon and come periodically to manage it.
  • Medical Evacuees: These are people of foreign origin, admitted for medical treatment in Cameroon.
  • Pensioners: These are foreigners who hold a pension from an official Cameroon organization.
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