This is usually arrived at very often between a worker and an employer in view to suspend the ongoing contract of employment in the situations of parliamentary and administrative duties on the one hand and education of the worker on the other hand.

  • Parliamentary and Administrative Duties: Just like the worker may wish to suspend his contract of employment for the purposes of a parliamentary mandate or serving as a member of government, the employer may also like or have to assume any of these functions. Section 32 (h) of the labour code of Cameroon states that the contract of employment shall be suspended by mutual consent for the period of a parliamentary mandate or during the exercise of the duties of member of government. It does not say whether it is the worker or employer that will be assuming these functions.
  • Education: In order to meet up with technological and business advancement, it may be imperative for an employer to better the skills of the worker. In such a situation, the employer will agree with the worker to suspend the contract of employment in order to permit the worker engage a short development course program for the good of the company.
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