A husband and wife in accordance with section 15 of the Married Women’s Property Act 1882 may be jointly sued in respect of any such debt or other liability (whether by contract or for any wrong) contracted and incurred by the wife before marriage as aforesaid, if the plaintiff in the action shall seek to establish his claim either wholly or in part, against both of them, and if in any such action, or in any action brought in respect of any such debt or liability against the husband alone, it is not found that the husband is liable in respect of any property of the wife so acquired by him or to which he shall have become so entitled as aforesaid, he shall have judgment for his costs of defense, whatever may be the result of the action against the wife if jointly sued with him, and in any such action against husband and wife jointly, if it appears that the husband is liable for the debt or damages recovered, or any part thereof, the judgment to the extent of the amount for which the husband is liable shall be a joint judgment against the husband personally and against the wife as to her separate property, and as to the residue, if any of such debt and damages, the judgment shall be a separate judgment against the wife as to her separate property only.

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