All funds, stocks, deposits, annuities, shares, debentures, debenture stock, and other interests of or in any corporation, company, public body, or society as aforesaid, which after the commencement of the Married Women’s Property Act 1882 shall be allotted, placed, registered, or transferred in or into or made to stand in the sole name of any married woman shall be deemed unless and until the contrary be shown, to be her separate property, in respect of which so far as any liability may be incident thereto her separate estate shall alone be liable, whether the same shall be so expressed in the document whereby her title to the same is created or certified, or in the books or register wherein her title is entered or recorded, or not.

Provided always, that nothing in this Act shall require or authorize any corporation or joint stock company to admit any married woman to be a holder of any shares or stock therein to which any liability may be incident, contrary to the provisions of any Act of parliament, charter, bylaws, articles of association, or deed of settlement regulating such corporation or company.

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