Participation in competitions and sporting events organized by each of the organizations cited in article 13 is reserved for holders of an individual sports license issued or renewed by the relevant federation, on the presentation of a medical certificate of fitness to practice the sports and physical exercises concerned.

The issue or renewal of this license shall give rise to the collection of an annual fee, the amount of which shall be fixed by each federation.

Each sports federation, for the exercise of its activity and the organization of its sports events or competitions, must take out an insurance policy with an approved and credible insurance company.

This insurance contract covers in particular;

  • The civil liability of the federation is concerned, with its representatives and the participants in the sports and physical activities it organizes.
  • The bodily injury suffered by its members as a result of their participation in the competitions or sporting events which it organizes.

The covered guarantees must be communicated to each sports group affiliated with the federation concerned and to its members.

The insurance contract shall be presented at the request of any administrative authority.

In the absence of this presentation and until proof of the insurance has been provided, the activities of the federation in question in question shall be suspended at the discretion of the Minister responsible for defense, as the case may be.

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