According to article 823 of the OHADA Law of 2014, without prejudice to the provisions governing the stock exchange and the admission of securities to trading on the such stock exchange, companies already formed or being formed making public offering by issuing securities shall be governed by both the general rules governing public limited companies and the special provisions of this title.

The provisions of this title shall supersede the general provisions governing public limited companies in the event of incompatibility between these two regulations.

The minimum capital of the company, whose securities are listed on the stock exchange in one or several States parties or a company making a public offering of its securities in one or more States parties, shall be one hundred million (100,000,000) CFA Francs.

The stated capital shall not be less than the amount provided for in the foregoing paragraph unless the company is transformed into a company of another form.

In the event of a violation of the provisions of this article, any interested party may petition for the company dissolution in court. This dissolution may not be ordered where, on the day the court is about to rule on the merits, the breach is cured.

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