According to article 555 of the OHADA Law of 2014, the special meeting brings together holders of shares of a given category.

The special meeting approves or disapproves the decisions of general meetings when such decisions modify the rights of its members.

The decision of a general meeting decision to modify the rights relating to a class of shares shall be final only after approval by the special meeting of shareholders of this category.
The meeting, Quorum, and Majority
Deliberations of the special meeting shall be valid only where shareholders present or represented hold at least half of the shares, on the first call, and one-quarter of the shares, on the second call.

Absent the last quorum, the meeting shall be held within two (2) months from the date fixed by the second notice of the meeting. The quorum shall remain fixed at one-quarter of the shareholders present or represented holding at least one-quarter of shares.
The decisions of the special meeting shall be taken by a majority of two-thirds of the votes cast.

Blank ballots shall not be taken into account.

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