The following are preferential on the ship, on the freight of the voyage during which the preferential claim arose, on the ship’s accessories and on the freight acquired since the beginning of the voyage:

  1. Claims for pledges and other sums due to the master, officers and other officers and other members of the ship’s personnel by virtue of their engagement on board the ship, including repatriation costs and social insurance contributions payable on their behalf;
  2. Claims arising from death or personal injury, whether on land or at sea, in direct connection with the operation of the ship;
  3. Claims for assistance and salvage of the vessel;
  4. Claims in respect of port, canal and other waterway dues as well as pilotage fees;
  5. Claims in tort or quasi tort for loss of or damage to property caused by the operation of the vessel, other than to the cargo, containers and personal effects of passengers carried on board the ship.
  6. Legal costs incurred for the sale of the vessel and the distribution of the its price;
  7. The costs of keeping and preserving the vessel since its entry into port, excluding insurance premiums;
  8. Claims arising from contracts entered into or operations carried out carried out by the master outside his home port, by virtue of his legal for the real needs of preserving the ship or continuing the voyage the continuation of the voyage;
  9. Claims for damage to cargo and luggage, caused while on board the ship.

The liens referred to in this Article shall be exercised against the owner, the charterer in devolution, the manager or the operator of the vessel.

The liens referred to in f) to i) rank after those referred to in a) to e). a) to e); they are extinguished under the conditions set out in Article 6 of the 1993 International Convention on Maritime Liens and Mortgages.

No maritime lien shall attach to the vessel as security for claims referred to in paragraphs b) and e) above which arise from or result from:

– Damage arising from the carriage by sea of hydrocarbons or other hazardous or noxious substances, for which compensation is compensation is payable to creditors in application of an international convention or national laws that provide for strict liability and compulsory insurance or other strict liability and compulsory insurance or other means of means of guaranteeing creditors; or

– Radioactive properties or a combination of radioactive properties with toxic, explosive or other dangerous hazardous properties of nuclear fuel or radioactive products or radioactive waste.

The builder or repairer of the ship has a right of retention over the ship, to secure its claims arising from the construction or repair of the ship; this right of retention is exercised under the conditions provided for in Article 7 of the aforementioned 1993 International Convention.

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