Sequestration of shares and transferable securities shall be carried out by the service of an instrument on the persons mentioned in Article 236 of the OHADA Law. Under pain of nullity, the instrument shall reproduce the provisions of Article 237 of the law, subject to (3) which provides that reference to the writ of execution may be replaced by the reference to the decision of the competent court that ordered the sequestration.

Within a period of eight (8) days, under pain of forfeiture, the sequestration shall be notified to the debtor through an instrument which shall, under pain of nullity, contain;

1) A copy of the order of the competent court or, where applicable, of the enforceable instrument on the basis of which the attachment is carried out;

2) A copy of the attachment report;

3) A statement in bold characters of the debtor’s right to apply to the competent court of his place of residence for an order of discharge of the protective measure, where the conditions of validity of the attachment are not fulfilled;

4) An indication of the court before which other disputes shall be brought, especially those relating to the enforcement of the writ of attachment;

5) A choice of an address for service within the jurisdiction where the attachment is carried out, if the creditor is not resident therein ; any service or offer may be made at the chosen address;

6) A reproduction of the provisions of Article s 62 and 63 of the OHADA Law.

The provisions of Article 239 of the OHADA Law shall also apply.

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