According to article 142 of the OHADA Law of 2014, the general meeting shall decide on the allocation of income in compliance with legal provisions and the provisions of the articles of association.

The meeting shall make the necessary allocations to legal reserves and those of the articles of association.

The distributable profit is the profit realized during the fiscal year, increased by retained earnings brought forward minus its past losses, partial dividends regularly distributed, and sums transferred to reserves by provisions of the law or of the articles of association.

The general meeting may decide to distribute all or part of the company reserves provided that such reserves are not considered unavailable by law or by the articles of association. Any decision taken in violation of this paragraph, or where appropriate, of the conditions outlined in the articles of association, shall be null.

In the event the general meeting elects to apply the option provided for in the preceding paragraph, it shall expressly state the reserve accounts from which funds shall be drawn.

Except in the case of capital reduction, no distribution of reserves to members may be carried out where equity capital is or may become, following such distribution, lower than the amount of the capital increased by reserves that the law or the articles of association do not allow to distribute.

Any decision taken in violation of this paragraph shall be null.

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