The condition to be met is as follows;

Be the holder of an authorization (concession, license) or a prior declaration receipt.

The documents to furnish are as follows;

  • The information form provided by the agency, duly completed, signed and stamped at the current rate.
  • The service coverage area.
  • An application form for numbering resources duly completed, stamped and signed by the legal representative of the organization requesting the resources.
  • A copy of the operating title (License, declaration of receipt) under which the resources are requested.
  • A geographical location of the numbers requested by numbering zone, in the case of geographical numbers.
  • A report on the use of the resource previously allocated to the applicant, where applicable.
  • A description of the service, including a diagram of the service provider’s network architecture and the technical, commercial and pricing conditions for access to the service etc.

In the case of a previous award, only the change made since then are required from the applicant (the other information mentioned above must already have been supplied to ART when the first application for an award was made).

Deadline is 30 days.

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