By the joint Order N° 025-MTPS and N° 042-MSP, the practice of occupational medicine on a part-time basis gives the right to a monthly lump sum remuneration calculated either according to the number of hours of presence due to the company by the occupational physician, or the number of persons covered.
In either case, the hours of the occupational physician’s shift are
those devoted to recruitment or periodic visits, consultations, workshop visits, and keeping regulatory records.
The single flat rate of remuneration for an occupational physician employed part-time is fixed either by the hour or by the number of persons covered.
The hourly rate is set at (6,500) six thousand five hundred francs.
The monthly flat rate is fixed at (850) eight hundred and fifty francs per person covered.
In addition to these flat-rate remunerations, the following may be added;
(a) transport costs are fixed at 90 francs per kilometer.
(b) the cost of additional X-ray examinations is fixed at 3,500 francs per year for each worker whose job exposes him to lung damage (physical or risk of infection (physical or bacteriological agents).

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