Registration on the roll of the Order is authorized by the decision of the Council of the Order.
The application for registration on the roll of the Order, filed at the headquarters of the Council of the Order in duplicate and against receipt, includes :
– A stamped application at the current rate;
– A certified copy of the birth certificate dated less than three (3)
months old;
– A certified copy of the diploma of doctor of pharmacy or the provisional certificate of reception to the grade of a pharmacist, recognized by the competent authority at the time of submission of the application, as well as a certificate of presentation of the original of the said diploma or certificate;
– An extract from the criminal record dated less than three (3) months;
– A certificate of nationality dated less than three (3) months.

In addition to the documents listed above, the pharmacist of foreign nationality must produce, in support of his application :
– A certificate of no prohibition to practice and a certificate of no registration on the roll of the Order of Pharmacists in his country of origin or in any other country where he would have practiced previously;
– An authentic copy of the recruitment activities for a public administration or a non-governmental organization or an employment contract under Cameroonian law in the case of an approved private company or a religious organization.
The certificates referred to in the paragraph above shall be issued by the standards applicable in the foreign country concerned.
The registration fees shall be paid by the applicant.

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