Unless there is a specific derogation, nurses, midwives, and medico-sanitary technicians
within the national territory shall be entered on a roll maintained by the Council of the Order.
This register is communicated to the authority responsible for public health, to the Prefects, and the public prosecutor’s offices of the courts. It has 3 divisions:
-Division A: professionals from the private secular sector and companies;
– Division B: private professionals from religious works;
– Division C: public service professionals.

Applications for provisional registration on the roll of the Order by applicants are directed to the Council of the Order, or to the provincial sections, which will forward them to the Council of the Order.
These applications include, in addition to the qualifications or diplomas justifying that the candidate
fulfills the conditions of the practice of the profession of nurse, midwife, or medico-sanitary technician, the following documents:
– a certified copy of the birth certificate;
– an extract from the criminal record (bulletin no. 3) dating back no more than 3 months.
The Council of the Order shall rule on provisional registration applications within one month of receipt.
It grants or refuses registration by reasoned decision if the guarantees offered in terms of qualification or professional morality are not sufficient.
This time limit may be extended when it is essential to investigate the national territory, but this extension may not exceed two months.
In this case, the applicant must be notified.

Final registration on the roll of the Order shall take place only after the applicant has been authorized to practice. The authority responsible for public health shall be notified of this registration without delay.

The Council of the Order may refuse to register applicants whose
commitments are incompatible with the rules of practice of the profession or are likely to deprive the person concerned of the necessary professional independence.

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