(Allotment Leasehold to natural persons or corporate bodies)

The private property of the state (state land) in Cameroon which has not been allocated or which allocation has been withdrawn can be allotted leasehold to natural persons and corporate bodies upon request.

The leasehold of the private property of the state can take the form of an ordinary lease or a long lease.

Any person wishing to lease private property of the state shall make an application to the Minister in Charge of Property, Surveys, and Land through the prefect of the division where the property is situated.

The application should include;

  • A duly stamped request,
  • A certified true copy of the applicant’s identity card,
  • In the case of a company, a copy of the memorandum and articles of association,
  • A Power of attorney if the application is acting through an agent etc.

Authorization to conclude the lease agreement shall be given by order of the minister in charge of property, surveys, and land.

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