There are circumstances in which there are omissions or errors inscribed in the land certificates or in the entries. The parties concerned may apply for the rectification of such errors and omissions.

The head of the Land services may on his own responsibility, automatically rectify any irregularities attributable to himself or to one of his predecessors, in the documents used for establishing a certificate or any subsequent entries.

Rectification shall be authorized by decree where they infringe on the rights of third parties. The decree shall stipulate if need be the terms and conditions for safeguarding the rights of third parties.

The original entries shall remain intact. All relevant land registered entries made in accordance with the provisions of the present decree shall be entered, erased, restricted, or rectified by the head of the service of the provincial land by means of summary annotations on the land certificate and duplicates. Such annotations shall be signed and dated.

Each time an amendment is made to the land certificate, it shall be made simultaneously on the duplicate issued to the owner. Where a summons to the owner to produce his duplicate has remained without effect, the owner shall forfeit his rights, which shall be restored to him only after compliance with the required formalities. During such forfeiture, no parceling out or transfer may be effected in favor of third parties, where applicable, the latter may bring an action for damages against the owner, Plans shall be amended accordingly.

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