A publisher is a company or person that prepares and issues books, journals, or music for sale.

Each press organ must have a publisher. Where the owner of the press organ is a natural person, he shall automatically be the publisher.

In case of corporate ownership, the publication declaration shall state which official of the corporate body (Chairman, director or manager) is the publisher.

Where the publisher enjoys an immunity, he must designate a co-publisher who does not enjoy any immunity.

All allegations binding the publisher shall apply to the co-publisher.

The publisher and where applicable, the co-publisher must reside in Cameroon. They must be of full age and enjoy their full rights of citizenship.

The full names of the publisher and co-publisher must appear on the front page of each issue of a press organ, under its name.

In the event of legal proceedings, the publisher shall be bound to disclose the true identity of the author of an article written under a pen-name.

The publication of an unsigned article, document or other text in a press organ shall entail the liability of the publisher.

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