According to article 598 of the OHADA Law of 2014, shareholders shall be informed of the issuance of new shares and its terms by a notice containing among other things, in addition to the particulars provided for in article 257-1 of the same law, the following information:

1) The number and nominal value of shares and the amount of increase of capital;

2) The issue price of shares to be subscribed for and, where applicable, the total amount of the issue premium;

3) The locations and dates of opening and close of the subscription;

4) The existence, in favor of shareholders, of a pre-emptive subscription right;

5) The amount immediately due per subscribed share;

6) The indication of the bank or the notary in charge of receiving the funds;

7) Where appropriate, a brief description, assessment, and methods of payment for contributions in-kind included in the capital increase, with a statement on the provisional nature of such assessment and method of payment.

In the event of issuance of securities giving access to capital, the notice shall also state the main characteristics of the securities, including terms for allotment of shares to which they give entitlements, as well as the dates on which the allotment rights may be exercised.
The notice provided for in article 598 of the law is brought to the attention of shareholders by hand-delivered letter against a receipt or by registered mail with a request for acknowledgment of receipt six (6) days at least before the opening date of the subscription by, as the case may be, members of the board of directors, of the general director or any other individual appointed to that effect.
Where the general meeting decides to remove the pre-emptive subscription rights of shareholders, the provisions of article 598 of the uniform act are not applicable.
Establishing a subscription form
The subscription agreement is evidenced by a subscription form prepared in two copies, one for the company and the other for the notary responsible for drawing up the notarial statement of subscription and payment.
The subscription form shall be dated and signed by the subscriber or his agent, who shall write in letters the number of shares subscribed. A copy of said form written on plain paper shall be given to him.
The subscription form shall state:

1) The company name followed, where applicable, by its acronym;

2) The company type;

3) The amount of stated capital;

4) The address of the headquarters;

5) The company registration number in the registry of commerce and securities;

6) The amount and terms of the capital increase: nominal shares, issue price;

7) Where applicable, the amount to subscribe for shares issued in cash and the amount paid for contribution in-kind;

8) The name or company name and address of the person receiving the funds;

9) The last and first name, and domicile of the subscriber and the number of shares subscribed;
10) statement of the depositary in charge of receiving the funds;
11) Statement of the notary in charge of drawing up the statement of subscription and payment;

12) Statement of delivery of the copy of the subscription form to the subscriber.

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