The bank conditions constitute the set of tariff rules that the institutions subject to the law establish to regulate the operations with their customers, including in exceptional situations, they include in particular;

  • The lending and deposit rates applicable to customer transactions.
  • Fees and commissions received by the reporting institution in connection with customer transactions.
  • Fees and commissions charged for insurance services.
  • Fees related to various other services offered by the reporting institution.
  • Reference thresholds for usurious interest rates.
  • Compulsory deductions for the benefit of the state or public institutions.

The institutions subject to the law shall publish quarterly and immediately after any modification, their banking conditions applicable to customers by insertion in a newspaper of legal announcements and by permanent display in their branches, counters and internet site.

The models, formats and publication methods of the banking conditions are determined by COBAC in consultation with the BEAC, the CNEF and the professional associations of the institution subject to the law.

The National, Economic and Financial Committee is responsible, in each CEMAC member state, for centralizing the banking conditions of the institutions subject to the law. To this end, the reporting institutions shall communicate their banking conditions to the CNEF of their country of establishment on a quarterly basis and immediately after any modification.

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