The medical and health professional is prohibited to;
– alienate his or her professional independence in any form whatsoever or to perform acts of a nature to bring him/her into disrepute,
– to engage in any activity that is incompatible with the dignity of his profession at the same time as his profession.
Any direct or indirect process of publicity or advertising and any spectacular demonstration related to his art or not having exclusively a scientific or educational purpose.
The usurpation of titles or the use of those not authorized by the Council of the Order, as well as all procedures intended to deceive the public.
Medical and health professionals are prohibited from practicing their profession under a pseudonym.
It is forbidden to have a medical practice, a laboratory, or a birthing clinic managed by a colleague, except in the case of a replacement.
It is forbidden to provide casual care. The following are prohibited;
-any act of nature to procure for a patient an unjustified or illicit material advantage

-any rebate in money or kind to a patient;
-any clandestine payment, acceptance, or sharing of money between practitioners or between practitioners and other personnel
-any commission to any person whatsoever.

– It is forbidden for any medical-health professional to grant any facility to anyone who engages in the illegal practice of the profession of midwife, nurse, or medical health technician.
Any complicity to the detriment of the patient between medical and health professionals and physicians, dental surgeons, pharmacists, or any other persons is prohibited.
It is forbidden to give consultations in commercial premises where
medicines or devices are offered for sale, as well as in the outbuildings of such premises.
It is forbidden to use an elective mandate or an administrative function
to increase his or her clientele.
It is forbidden to deceive the good faith of practitioners or patients by presenting to them as beneficial and safe a diagnostic or treatment process new and insufficiently tested.
All deception and charlatanism are prohibited.
It is forbidden to issue a biased report or a certificate of complacency.

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