The dental profession should not be practiced as a business. To this the following are prohibited;
– The practice of the profession in a shop or in any premises where commercial activity is carried on.
– Consultations, whether free of charge or in return for a salary or fee, in all commercial or craft premises where medicines or appliances which may be prescribed or issued by a dental surgeon or a doctor are offered for sale, and in the outbuildings of the said premises.
– Any direct or indirect process of advertising or publicity, on his behalf or that of any firm.
– Any spectacular demonstration relating to dental surgery and not having exclusively a scientific or educational purpose.

The only indications that the dental surgeon is authorized to mention on his professional printed matter, in particular, his prescription sheets, fee notes, professional cards, and visiting cards are;
– Those which facilitate his relations with patients.
– Officially recognized titles, functions, and qualifications relating to the profession;
– Scientific honors relating to the profession.

The only indications that a dental surgeon is allowed to display on the door of his practice are:
Names, titles, days and hours of consultations, and possibly the floor.
These indications must be presented in a measured manner, by the practices of the liberal professions, on a plate not exceeding 25 cm by 30 cm.
In case of possible confusion, the mention of the first name(s) may be required by the Council of the Order.

Announcements concerning the opening, closing, or transfer of the practice must be submitted for prior approval by the Council of the Order, which shall assess the frequency, wording, and presentation thereof.

The usurpation of titles, and the use of those not authorized by the Council of the Order, as well as all procedures intended to mislead the public in this respect, in particular by the use of unauthorized abbreviations, are prohibited.
The practice of dental surgery under a pseudonym is prohibited.
The dental surgeon must practice his profession under conditions that allow him to make regular use of an installation and the technical means necessary for the practice of his art.

The following are prohibited
1. Any act likely to procure for a patient an unjustified or illicit material advantage.
2. Any rebate in money or kind made to a patient.
3. Any clandestine payment, acceptance, or sharing of money between practitioners or between practitioners and other persons;
4. Any commission to any person.

5. Any facilitation by a dental surgeon to anyone engaged in the illegal practice of dentistry is prohibited.

6. Any competition between dental surgeons and doctors, pharmacists, medical auxiliaries, or any other persons, even outside the medical professions, is prohibited.

7. To practice any other trade or profession likely to increase profits through prescriptions or advice of a professional nature.
8. To use an elective mandate or an administrative function to increase one’s clientele.

It is a serious offense to mislead the good faith of practitioners or clients by presenting to them a new and insufficiently tested diagnostic or treatment procedure as beneficial and safe.

In the practice of his art, the dental surgeon may issue certificates, attestations, or documents in the prescribed form.

Any certificate, attestation, or document issued by the dental surgeon must bear his handwritten signature and the mention of his name.

The issuing of a biased report or a certificate of convenience constitutes serious misconduct.

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