Pharmacists must refrain from soliciting customers by means and procedures contrary to the dignity of the profession.
Advertising to the medical and pharmaceutical profession must be truthful.
Only university, hospital and scientific titles authorized by the Council of the Order may be used on the inscriptions on the dispensaries.
The use and wearing of the caduceus is reserved exclusively for pharmacists.
With the exception of those imposed by commercial or industrial legislation, the only indications that pharmacists may use are on letterheads, business papers or in directories are; Surnames, first names, telephone numbers, days and hours of operation, postal or bank account numbers;
Professional qualifications;
The titles authorized by the Council of the Order.
Any advertising other than that provided for in the preceding paragraph is prohibited.
The accounts of analyses emanating from a laboratory may optionally bear the hospital and scientific titles of the Director of this laboratory, whose signature they must always bear, even if the analyses were performed on behalf of a pharmacist without a registered or approved laboratory.

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