When dealing with the real and personal estate of the deceased his personal representatives shall, for purposes of administration, or during a minority of any beneficiary or the subsistence of any life interest, or until the period of distribution arrives, have;

  • For Personal Estates, the same powers and discretions, including power to raise money by mortgage or charge whether or not by deposit of documents, as a personal representative with respect to personal estate vested in him,
  • For real estates, same powers as regards the devolution of real estate on personal representative,
  • All the powers necessary so that every contract entered into by a personal representative shall be binding on and be enforceable against and by the personal representative for the time being of the deceased, and may be carried into effect, or to be varied or rescinded by him, and, in the case of a contract entered into by a predecessor, as if it had been entered into by himself.

N/B Nothing in the above position shall affect the right of any person to require an assent or conveyance to be made.

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