A pharmacist who owns a pharmacy must practice personally.
In all circumstances, medicines must be prepared by a pharmacist, or under the direct and effective supervision of a pharmacist.
A dispensary or pharmaceutical establishment must remain closed in the absence of the pharmacist in charge or charge of the technical supervision of the establishment unless the latter has been regularly replaced. The legal duration of a replacement may in no case exceed one year.
Any pharmacist who is banned from practicing is replaced by a colleague designated by the Bureau of the Council of the Order.
An on-call service is instituted to respond to emergencies.
The organization of the on-call and emergency services of pharmacies is regulated at the departmental level by the representative organizations of the profession. In the absence of an agreement, the supervisory authority decides by decree, after consultation with the pharmacists’ union.
Any pharmacist who has employed, even occasionally, for the operations provided above a person who does not meet the conditions set by this law, shall be subject to closure of his establishment for 3 months, and in case of recidivism, the definitive closure.

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