According to article 604 of the OHADA Law of 2014, Shares subscribed for in cash have to be paid up during the subscription of at least a quarter of their nominal value,d, where appropriate, the full issue premium shall be paid up in full.
The balance shall be paid once or in installments at the request of the board of directors or the general director, as the case may be, within three (3) years from the day the capital increase is carried out.
Shares subscribed for in cash, resulting in part from cash payment and partly from the incorporation of reserves, profits, or share, issue, or merger premiums must be fully paid up during subscription.
Proceeds of shares subscribed for in cash shall be deposited by company management on behalf of the company either in a duly accredited credit or microfinance institution domiciled in the State party of the headquarters or at a notary’s office.

Such deposit shall be made within eight (8) days from the receipt of the funds.
The depositor shall remit to the bank or to any other duly accredited credit or microfinance institution or, where appropriate, to the notary, when depositing funds, a list stating the identity of the subscribers and, for each of them, the amount of the sums paid.
The depositor is required, until funds are withdrawn, to communicate such list to any subscriber that, after showing proof of his subscription, so requests.

The applicant may examine the list and obtain a copy at his expense.
The depositary shall issue a certificate attesting to the deposit of funds to the depositor.
In case of the release of shares by offset against claims, such claims shall be the object of a statement of accounts drafted, as the case may be, by the board of directors or by the general director and certified accurate by the auditor.

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