Clubs are required to comply with their financial obligations towards players and other clubs as per the terms stipulated in the contracts signed with their professional players and in the transfer agreements.

Any club found to have delayed a due payment for more than 30 days without prima facie contractual basis may be sanctioned.

In order for a club to be considered to have overdue payables in the sense of the present, the creditor (player or club) must have put the debtor club in default in writing and have granted a deadline of at least ten days for the debtor club to comply with its financial obligation(s).

Within the scope of their respective jurisdiction, the players’ status committee, the Dispute Resolution Chamber, the single judge may impose the following sanctions:

  • Warning
  • A reprimand
  • A fine
  • A ban from registering any new players, either nationally or internationally, for one or two entire and consecutive registration periods.

The sanctions may be applied cumulatively. A repeated offence will be considered as an aggravating circumstance and lead to more severe penalty.

The execution of the registration ban in accordance with the sanction above may be suspended. By suspending the execution of a registration ban, the deciding body subjects the sanctioned club to a probationary period ranging from 6 months to two years.

If a club benefiting from a suspended registration ban commits another infringement during the probationary period, the suspension is automatically revoked and the registration ban executed; it is added to the sanction pronounced for the new infringement.

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