By the Joint Ministerial Order N°142/J1/MINEDUC/DEP and   N°0140/MSP/DS/SFP fixing the conditions for the creation, organization, and operation of private training establishments for medical and health personnel in Cameroon,  Private training establishments for medical and health care personnel aim to provide, through theoretical and practical teaching, professional training leading to the award of the following diplomas by the Minister of Public Health, depending on the training cycle;

The State diploma of Nurse;

The diploma of Nurse Midwife;

The Nurse’s certificate or the Nurse Midwife’s certificate;

The assistant laboratory technician’s certificate;

The certificate of nursing assistant or nursing assistant laboratory option.

The names of private training establishments for medical and health care personnel must be followed by the word ‘A. An establishment can only claim a name if it corresponds to the level of studies.
The assessment of the level is made jointly by the Ministers of Health and Education.

Authorization for the opening of training establishments for medical and health care personnel
Condition of approval – agreement in principle

The procedure to be followed to obtain the authorization to create a private training establishment for medical and health care personnel is divided into two phases:
– The written agreement in principle;
– The actual authorization to open.
Any natural or legal person who proposes to create, transform or relocate a private training activity for medical and health personnel, can only consider the work or the relocation procedure after the agreement in principle in writing.

The applicant must submit a written application consisting of the following documents;

a) – an application on stamped paper indicating the name of the applicant, the location of the establishment, and the teaching organization;
b) – the status of the establishment
c) – the list of the members of the Board of Directors;
d) – the list of names of the Director, the full-time professors, and monitors, and the temporary professors and monitors. To this list of names, copies of the authorization to exercise their basic profession in Cameroon shall be attached.
e) – information on the material situation:

1° – a certified copy of the title deed;
2° – a plan of the premises
3° – a detailed list of teaching materials
4° – presentation of an initial budget in terms of income (fees, pensions, donations, etc.) and expenditure (remuneration of staff, teaching staff, examination board expenses, boarding expenses, operating and maintenance costs, etc.);
5° – a certificate of deposit in a bank or post office account of the funds intended for the establishment if the written agreement in principle is granted;
f) – draft internal regulations of the establishment;
g) – the number of pupils likely to be admitted by years of study;
g) – Number of pupils likely to be admitted to the school by grade;
h) – The names of the hospital training departments where the practical training will be carried out, with an indication of the number of beds and nursing staff assigned to each of these departments.

The file thus compiled must be submitted to the local departmental head of public health by the representative of the organization to which the establishment belongs, who will forward it to the prefect with a reasoned opinion.
The perfect ultimately sends the file to the Ministry of Public Health together with a report on the character of the applicant.
The written agreement in principle is issued by order of the Minister of Public Health after consultation with the Minister of National Education.
The actual authorization to open a school is issued by an interministerial order
based on a file sent to the Minister of Public Health
including :
1° The request from the founder indicating that he has fulfilled the commitments made in the written agreement in principle:
2° The report of the Provincial Health Delegate on the state of the premises and the equipment;
3° the application files for the staff’s teaching authorization or copies of authorizations for those who have them;
4° Written agreements from health training institutions likely to receive their students for Training courses;
5° this file is completed by a control mission composed of two representatives of the Ministry of Public Health and two representatives of the Ministry of National Education.
The authorization for the effective opening is renewable annually.

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