According to article 510 of the OHADA Law of 2014, on the proposal of the general director, the general meeting of shareholders may appoint one or more natural persons to assist the general direction as deputy managing director.

The general meeting shall freely fix the term of office of the deputy general director.

The mandate of the deputy general director is renewable.

In agreement with the general director, the general meeting shall set the scope of powers conferred to the deputy general director.

Provisions of articles of association or resolutions of the general meeting on limiting his powers are not enforceable against bona fide third parties.

The deputy general director may be bound to the company by an employment agreement provided that it represents a real job.

The employment agreement is subject to the prior authorization of the ordinary general meeting. Failing this, the employment agreement shall be null.

The terms and amount of remuneration of the deputy general director shall be set by the ordinary general meeting as well as, where appropriate, benefits in kind granted to him.

Any decision taken in violation of this article shall be null.

On the proposal of the general director, the ordinary general meeting may remove the deputy general director at any time.

Where the removal is decided without just cause, damages may be awarded.

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