A health and safety committee is set up in any establishment using at
least 50 workers if the activity is classified in risk groups A and B and
whatever the number of workers if the action is classified in group C.
The committee comprises the staff representatives, the employer
or his representative, and the occupational physician. If they exist: the
assistant, the training officer, and the safety officer must be members of
this committee.
It meets as often as necessary and at least once a quarter under the
chairmanship of the employer.
The Labour and Social Security Inspector, the Labour Inspector and the
health and safety inspectors of the National Social Insurance Fund or
their representatives or any other person qualified by the agenda may
at any time participate in the work of this committee.
The role of the committee is to:
a) To investigate occupational severe accidents and illnesses to
determine their causes and propose appropriate measures to
remedy them;
b) To formulate all suggestions likely to improve working conditions;
c) To establish and execute a health and safety program about
the activities of the company;
d) To disseminate to all workers the information relating to the
protection of the health of the workers and the proper conduct of the
e) To foster, maintain and develop a spirit of safety among the workers.
The employer shall ensure that the members of the health and safety

committee receive adequate training by all possible means such as
seminars, conferences training courses, etc.

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