Decision granting a first category licence for:

⁃ The establishment and operation of:

  1. A collection and/or distribution network for the provision to the public of electronic communications services;
  2. Radio network open to the public in one or more localities;
  3. Virtual network open to the public;
  4. Electronic communications networks open to the public in rural areas;
  5. Passive infrastructure supporting electronic communications networks;

⁃ The provision of support services.

The conditions to be met are as follows:

– Be a Cameroonian company;

– Have a minimum share capital of FCFA 5 million;

– For micro earth stations and small earth stations connected to a central master station to a central master station located outside Cameroon, have an express dispensation from the Administration in charge of telecommunications;

– Pay the entry fees when the study of the application is favourable;

– Have the technical and financial capacity to meet the obligations associated with carrying on its business activity;

– Not have been subject to any of the sanctions provided for in the above-mentioned law governing electronic communications;

Seven copies of the following documents are required;

– A form supplied by the Agency, duly completed and stamped at the current rate;

– A receipt of payment of the application fee issued by ART;

– Proof of payment of the entry fee, in the event of a favourable conclusion to the study of the application;

– A technical file including:

  • The name or company name and full address of the applicant;
  • The legal status of the company, as well as the composition of its capital and the distribution of voting rights;
  • The declaration, purpose and characteristics of the services to be offered;
  • The purpose and technical characteristics of the network;
  • The technical specifications of the equipment;
  • The implementation timetable, specifying, in particular, the capacity and coverage area year by year; etc.

A financial file including:

  • An indication of the origin and amount of the planned funding, specifying
  • The identity of the main lenders;
  • Proof of the company’s financial capacity and a guarantee of the project’s;
  • Financing of the project if the license is granted;
  • The nature and level of planned investment;
  • The company’s business plan.

– A location plan certified by the territorially competent tax authorities;

– A copy of the national identity card of the company’s principal executive, if applicable.

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