Decision to issue a receipt for a simple declaration.

Conditions to be met:

⁃ Wish to establish with a view to operation for its own needs exclusively an infrastructure of the following type:

– Internal private network;

– Independent private network other than radio where the termination points are less than 300 metres apart and whose links have a capacity of less than ten (10) megabits per second;

⁃ Have radio installations consisting exclusively of low-power, short-range equipment, the power and short-range equipment, the categories of which are determined by the Administration in charge of Telecommunications.

⁃ Use approved equipment.

Composition of the application:

  • Documents to be supplied

Administrative and technical file in five (05) copies comprising:

– An application form supplied by the Agency, duly completed and stamped at the current rate in force;

– Proof of payment of the application fees issued by ART;  

– The name or company name and full address of the interested party;

– A location plan certified by the relevant tax authorities;

– A certified copy of the company’s articles of association;

– A certified copy of the receipt for entry in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register;

– A certified copy of the taxpayer’s card;

– Information on the individual responsible for the network;

– The technical characteristics and detailed description of the network and its equipment;

– Technical documentation relating to the equipment to be installed;

– The approval certificate for the equipment issued by ART.

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