The insured shall in accordance with the CIMA code be obligated:

  1. To pay the premium or contribution at the agreed due dates;
  2. To answer the questions asked by insurers accurately, notably in the risk declaration form through which insurers question them at the time of the conclusion of the contract, on the circumstances that may enable insurers to evaluate the risks which they are taking responsibility for;
  3. To declare, when the contract is in force, new circumstances which either aggravate the risk, or create new ones and thereby render inaccurate or null and void the answers given to insurers, notably in the form laid down in 2, above.
    • The insured must, through registered or countersigned letters, declare these circumstances to insurers within a time limit of fifteen days as from the date when they have knowledge, thereof.
    • In the case of a countersigned letter, a receipt serving as proof must be issued to the insured;
  4. To notify the insurer, as soon as they have knowledge thereof and latest within the time limit set by the contract, of any claim likely to involve the coverage of insurers. This time limit may not be less than five working days. In the case of theft or in the case of some livestock insurance claim, this time limit shall be set at 48 hours.

The above time limit may be extended by mutual agreement between the contracting parties.

The provisions of point 1, 3 and 4 shall not be applicable to life insurance.

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