Navigation Zones

Commercial shipping and pleasure boating are carried out by;

  • In national cabotage, when it is carried out between two ports of a member state.
  • Sub-regional cabotage, when it takes place between two or more ports of two or more member states.
  • International cabotage, when it is carried out between a port in a Member State and another port in Africa;
  • Long-distance, when it is carried out beyond the limits of international cabotage.


Defining and regulating the boundaries of:

  • Inshore fishing;
  • Offshore fishing;
  • deep-sea fishing;

Are left to the discretion of each Member State.

Reserved navigation

National and sub-regional cabotage navigation is reserved for vessels flying the flag of a Member State, unless a justified derogation is granted by each competent maritime authority, on a case-by-case basis.


The marking the coastline of each Member State is determined by the competent maritime authority, in accordance with the international regulations in force; the physical operations involved in setting up and maintaining the markings can be entrusted to a public or private body acting on behalf of and under the under the control of the maritime authority.

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